Top 10 local cuisine's in Rarotonga.

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Food, Food and more Food!! The great thing about the delicious food of Rarotonga, is that the genuine local food is Lactose free (no dairy milk cows in the Cook Islands) and the creaminess of our food came from the Coconut Milk, and it is Gluten Free - there was no Wheat so we use to thicken our food using Tapioka Flour (Maniota/Arrowroot)

There are some favourite delicacies that are a must try!

Raw Fish aka Ika Mata

Ika Mata - raw fish marinated in Lime and Coconut cream

Fresh fish is best and Sashimi, Seared Tuna and Ika Mata are all delicacies on the island that are sure to tantilise the taste buds

Breakfast fit for a king!

With Scotts farm being just down the road, why not start the say with a breakfast fit for a chief! Le Bon Vivant, Deli Licious, Silversands Restaurant are a few that serve delicious breakfasts and great freshly roasted coffee - all within walking distance from Mama Taras!

Great value meals, gluten free and dairy free options also available


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